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Allprocure would like to introduce our newest supplier onboard! Order of Precedents is a valuable piece of software that allows a firm to collate all forms of information and run your precedents efficiently and effectively. Here is a quick blog post with some tips on useful external precedent sources.


There are some externally provided precedents, some with associated checklists and guidelines to assist the busy lawyer.

Here are some provided by the main legal publishers – all of which are available online;

  • Lexis Nexis – NZ Forms and Precedents. Often affectionately (perhaps…) known in years gone by where most firms subscribed in hard copy (with perhaps the associated WP disc) as the “brown furries”, this service remains the most used in the profession, now mostly online. While it suffers from a lack of updating and old style formatting in some areas it is still a great place to start that elusive precedent search, or just to have a comparison to work with.
  • Lexis Nexis – Practical Guidance. Suite of databases which provide not only precedents but also checklists, current awareness and information which is generally in plain english and pitched at levels that allow for use in client communications and seminar preparations.

Both the above are now available via the new Lexis Advance platform which has a more intuitive interface.

  • Westlaw Precedent databases. A raft of individual databases. Generally current, and using plain english and formatting. Some firms use a selection of these to complement their other precedent resources.
  • Westlaw – Practical Law UK. Good content and add-on services – especially useful for top end Commercial work.
  • Westlaw AU – Computer Contracts. Good in the specialty areas of IT and IP.
  • CCH – Company Forms. Good and practical coverage.

Of course your most valuable precedent sources are within your own firm. A firm’s value and IP needs clear and systemised collection methods in order to make the most of a team’s good work over the long term.

Want to know more or find out how to manage your own precedents?   Call Paul Steele

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