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The stats are pretty compelling, 78% of Gen Z want companies to address important social justice issues, 87% will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about, 94% of Gen Z believe companies should help address social and environmental issues (vs. 87% Millennial, 86% General Population) 2017 Cone Gen Z CSR Study: How to Speak Z .

Ignore the cry for social responsibility at your peril.  However, your efforts to achieve a force for good through business need to be genuine and real.  If you’re targeting savvy, switched on clients then they will be quick enough to pick advertising of pro bono work and supported causes as a marketing strategy, rather than it being a core part of your strategic intent and values as a firm.  75% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company, so it shouldn’t be hard to get the buy in from your team.  If your team and your clients are jointly engaged in shared missions and values, then all your relationships will be much better, along with retention and loyalty of both team members and clients.

We are in a unique industry with great opportunities through group collaboration to make some real differences in the quality of life of others in our communities.   Every little bit helps, but as a concerted group effort, we can achieve so much more.  At AllProcure we’ve been supporting beach clean ups, the revival of traditional maritime education in our community and youth mental health as causes close to our hearts.  We are working out how best to further develop our giving structure so that we can make a bigger impact in our community and enlist the engagement of you, our members and partners to do this.

Would it make a difference to you to know you were part of a force for good through your work?  Join us on Facebook or LinkedIn to share your views on social conscience in the legal profession.

We’re keen to hear what causes resonate most with other legal professionals in New Zealand.  Please vote on the survey below, all responses remain anonymous:

  • Addressing social injustices through better access to legal representation
  • Assistance to victims of domestic violence.
  • Youth mental health.
  • NZ Families in need.

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