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Some may say there is no need for typists anymore; that everyone has become self-sufficient and can use a computer to do their own typing. Some may also have a one-word response for that opinion. Time – that elusive thing everyone wishes they had more of…  We would like to introduce our “keyboarding” specialist, Julie Wintle at Streamline Dictation…

The terms “typing” and “typist” are somewhat outdated. It may be more appropriate to call it “keyboarding” because, like everything, the role of the typist has evolved, and it’s not just about pushing buttons anymore. A good keyboarder will not only save you time, they will give your document a polished and professional treatment that will impress.

What’s the real cost of doing your own keyboarding?

Everyone in today’s world is expected to do some form of keyboarding: replying to emails, making notes, writing reports, etc. The big question is, if time = money, what is the real cost of doing your own keyboarding?

Have you noticed that you need to re-read what you’ve typed to get the stream of thought back due to interruption? If you repeat this over and over again, how long has that email actually taken you to produce? Fifteen minutes? It would have taken no more than five minutes to record. Then it could be sent to your transcription service, promptly typed, professionally formatted, and returned to you within the hour. That’s time that could be converted into more dollars for your business, or a better work/life balance.

The numbers tell the story

If you type 10 emails a day yourself, at 15 minutes each, that’s over two hours emailing. Imagine what you could do with that time – go home early and watch your children’s concert, swimming, play golf, or free you up to generate more income and/or develop your business.

So, the next time you’re “keyboarding” take a note of the actual time it takes you. If you know that you want to save time and money in your business, contact Julie Wintle at Streamline Dictation and we can look at options to see what would best suit you.