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Preston Russell Law was reviewing its business systems when it was introduced to AllProcure.

AllProcure helped PRL access high-quality, industry specific products and services at competitive group buying rates, saving the busy law firm precious time, money and resources.

PRL is a large, esteemed law practice with six Southland offices.  With 10 Partners, three Senior Associates, five Solicitors and a large team of support staff, Preston Russell provides legal expertise across a wide range of sectors.

The Challenge

To provide exceptional service across multiple sectors and locations, PRL required reliable, specialised and affordable business systems and service providers.  The firm was reviewing their systems to ensure they were getting the best service at the best price.   They found that many of their systems and processes were adequate and “got the job done”, yet they did not offer any of the perks of legal-specific products, group buying and industry knowledge.

The Solution

AllProcure brings multiple law firms together in one network, in order to leverage group buying power to obtain improved pricing, better terms, higher service levels and unique product packages.

AllProcure offered PRL the following solutions:

·      Legal-specific expertise

·      Outsourcing support

·      Tailored product packages

·      Tailored supply agreements

·      Guaranteed savings

PRL’s tailored membership with AllProcure provides IT, banking, professional indemnity insurance and Air New Zealand Koru Club membership.  As other areas of supply are reviewed, PRL will be able to take advantage of other partner arrangements.

“We could have just gone with a NZ company that offers group-buying power for all NZ businesses, but Lindsey and her team offered something special.  She understands our needs and is backed by years of first-hand experience.  We trusted in her expertise.” – Christine McLeod, Services Manager, Preston Russell

The Outcome

Since joining AllProcure, PRL has enjoyed the benefits of group-buying power resulting in incredible discounts and cost savings. 

“The membership cost model is fantastic.  We get our membership fees back – and then some – thanks to the discounts we get from AllProcure suppliers.  We can access these suppliers through AllProcure at bulk buying rates, for a far better cost than if we were to try to purchase services on our own.” Garry Bell, Chief Executive, Preston Russell




Cost-efficiency is just the beginning.  PRL is also saving considerable time on administrative activities, such as communicating with suppliers and flagging problems, by integrating services with suppliers where appropriate. 

If there is a question or an issue, they can still contact the supplier directly, and AllProcure is always able to assist between the group and suppliers.  The suppliers are all familiar with each other and work in partnership.  This means that they are often able to sort problems out amongst themselves and come back to PRL with a solution. 


A further benefit of being an AllProcure member is that you are able to tap into the suppliers’ extensive industry knowledge and expertise.

“Our AllProcure suppliers stay at the forefront of developments and changes in their industry.  We don’t have to worry about staying up-to-date with every advancement; we can trust out suppliers to be at the cutting edge of new technology.” – Garry Bell

To summarise, Preston Russell is enjoying the following outcomes:

·      Saving time and money

·      Specialist expertise

·      Improved IT support

·      Faster problem solving

·      Premium products

·      Excellent customer service

“AllProcure is so much more than just a procurement company.  Lindsey and her team are very loyal and excellent trouble-shooters and problem solvers.  If you have any procurement issues, they’ll work quickly to solve the problem on your behalf to save you having to worry.  We would absolutely recommend AllProcure to other law firms.” – Garry Bell