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Our Partners


  • Advocating for you so you are free to carry on working;
  • Wealth of knowledge with 15 PI insurance specialists in New Zealand, servicing over 200 NZ Law firms;
  • Excellent long-standing relationships with all insurers – including overseas options;
  • Superb track record at handling claims;
  • A good culture and low turnover of staff -meaning a greater depth and retention of knowledge of your business and the industry;
  • Able to provide cover for all types of insurances.

Office products

  • Kiwi owned and operated.  The largest independent business to business supplier of office products in New Zealand;
  • Committed to the best service regardless of size or location with competitive pricing and fast delivery;
  • Range of 5,000 high quality products;
  • Personalised service with the benefits of group pricing and systems;
  • OPD is a member of BPGI (Business Products Group International), a global purchasing group of 4,500 that sources the ultimate in products, pricing and service from an international perspective.


  • CSG is the parent company for what was Konica Minolta in NZ; 
  • Konica Minolta have always impressed the legal sector with their focus on listening to our needs.  A dedicated personal and local account manager ensured;
  • With CSG, Konica Minolta now offer many more efficiency improving options from copiers and scanners to video conferencing.

Professional Development

  • Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA);
  • Large membership of New Zealand and Australian law firm leaders;
  • Offering a wealth of learning resources, knowledge, sharing and industry leadership developments;
  • Annual summit on the latest technologies and development.

Document management

  • Helping New Zealand law firms manage information and records for over 30 years;
  • High levels of security, innovation and efficiency;
  • Modern options for the paperless office and services to suit all needs;
  • Local account managers dedicated to providing their expertise and knowledge to help you manage your records.

IT services

  • Different levels of technology to gently move your systems into the Cloud;
  • A world class IT platform with a Kiwi flavour – all backups and data stored in New Zealand;
  • Specialists in legal firms and excelling in cyber security;
  • A friendly local team who deliver exceptional service.


  • A talented team of creative specialists who provide great marketing solutions;
  • Brand strategy, logo and brand visual identity, graphic design, print, copy writing, e-newsletters and web services all under one roof;
  • Inventive and unique solutions to help ensure you stand out in the market place and achieve your business goals;
  • Unique online editing and ordering system to save you time and money on print.

Liquor Supply and related products

  • Liquor King (now known as LK) have 39 liquor stores nationwide;
  • LK have an excellent range of wine, beer spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, cheese and snacks combined with the in-store expertise to assist you with your events and functions.
  • Can supply glassware and chiller trailers on a rental basis if needed.


  • Make the most out of your travels;
  • Lounge access, priority boarding and more flexibility. 

TELECOMS / Internet

  • Business focused with different levels of premium service;
  • Failover systems so if one internet system fails you cutover to another;
  • Network agnostic to allow greater choice and the best price options;
  • Robust, secure and economical internet phone systems;
  • Kiwi owned with a dedicated account manager and local assistance, regardless of size or level of business.


  • Many decades of legal experience means Julie and her team “get legal”;
  • An extension of your office and part of your team;
  • Eliminate distance but maintain consistency of style and unique firm needs.
  • Day to day transcription work; interviews, project work.
  • Not all legal transcription services are the same:  They offer accuracy, confidentiality, efficient communication and established workflows, ensuring immense value.

Litigation Support & e-Discovery Services

  • Helping firms manage the entire e-discovery process, parts of it, or providing advice around it;
  • Providing clarity to complex technical matters and demystifying the issues;
  • No need to reinvent the wheel, outsource and improve your efficiency and cost effectiveness.



  • New Zealand’s client-friendliest global ID verification software
  • Verify the identity of your client by inputting their mobile number into your APLY dashboard, initiating the verification process via SMS
  • Enable clients to individually complete the ID process in under two minutes, at their convenience no matter where they are
  • No apps to download and intuitive mobile interface
  • AML, CDD and KYC compliant and uniquely secure
  • Proven technology used in leading tier-1 banks
  • Verify Name, Date of Birth, Address and PEP status instantaneously against government and trusted data sources
  • Complete verification with just a Drivers Licence or Passport – no Proof of Address or supporting documents needed
  • Advanced biometric tech and anti-tampering security check features
  • Save time and money for the business and for the client
  • Fantastic local support and dedicated AllProcure customer service contact


  • Automio helps lawyers innovate;
  • Lawyers use our Lawyer Bots to create innovative legal services and products;
  • Lawyers Bots are software robots that automate repetitive legal work;
  • This digital workforce of Lawyers Bots works 24/7 and loves large workloads;
  • Serves clients online;
  • Lowers risk and increses profitability;
  • Best of all, it helps lawyers win back their time to do what matters most.


  • Transforming estate planning with technology;
  • Digitise your estate planning services to improve productivity, quality and manage risk;
  • The most comphrehensive precedents allowing you to provide for your clients simple and complex needs.  Reviewed by Chris and Greg Kelly Law;
  • Mirror Wills produced in minutes complete with accurate gender and family relationships;
  • Simple to onboard with no up front costs.

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