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How AllProcure Works

A smart solution …

AllProcure combines the purchasing power of its many member law firms

1.  Better buying
2.  Better relationships
3.  Better business
4.  Better communities



How do we achieve this?

We negotiate with collective buying power

Greater volume ensures better terms, pricing and service

As we grow we negotiate further benefits

We invite more tried and trusted partners to join our community

Why become an AllProcure member?

Our menu of products and services caters specifically to New Zealand law firms

You will enjoy substantial savings across all the main supplies that you need to run an efficient and profitable law firm.

With the current range of partners, our member firms are saving as much as $25,000 per partner per year. It’s hard to say no to savings like that! Contact us for a no obligation chat and we’ll demonstrate the many benefits of AllProcure membership for your firm.

Start small, see how savings pay off

Compare benefits and offers

As contracts finish, engage our partners

Guarantee ensures no risk

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