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Welcome to the blog PDC Creative!  We must give credit to the geniuses behind this amazing new look website!  Here are some useful tips from Brya for your brand…

Do you have powerful and compelling reasons for people to choose you? Is your core message benefit oriented and differentiated from the competition? Often businesses make the classic mistake of describing the benefits of their products or services in a way that is confusing and does not actually articulate what the benefit is from the client’s perspective. If a customer has to work to understand a benefit they generally won’t bother.

So how do you get this messaging right? You can start by conducting a comprehensive audit to understand what your brand needs to stand for and deliver to create a compelling reason for people to choose you.

Step 1 – Conduct an audit to develop the brand strategy

Ask your customers how they perceive your brand, products and services. Study your competition to understand how they position themselves and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Look at trends within your industry and also other industries.

You should also conduct an audit of your brand. Find and define your points of difference. Even in industries where it would seem there is only ‘sameness’ there can still be opportunities for differentiation and competitive advantage. You just need to uncover the hidden differences. What makes one brand stand out from another might be a tangible commodity or it could be based on a belief or a perception. Any of these things can be used to create powerful and compelling reasons for people to choose you over the competition. Some useful questions to ask are:

  1. Can you repackage your product or services so they are more eye catching?
  2. Do you just need to alter you’re core messaging so that it is more appealing to target markets?
  3. Can you provide better product delivery?
  4. If certainty is important to your target markets are you able to reduce the uncertainty?
  5. Can you bundle and package services?

It’s often useful to look outside your industry to glean inspiration and ideas.

With the above established, you can choose the most compelling and unique point of differentiation. The best way for a brand’s desired identity to be realised is to distil what the brand stands for into a singular message that is aligned with who the brand is and what the customer values. This message can then be supported by secondary messaging to help with the brand’s positioning, personality and tone. Do not try to incorporate so many points of differentiation in your positioning that your customers become confused or overwhelmed.

Step 2 – Communicate the brand

Bring your brand to life by communicating and reinforcing what you stand for consistently across every aspect of the brand.

This is where you build a powerful image for your brand through a combination of words and messaging, imagery, colour and other methods.

This can include memorable naming of the brand, sub brands or packaged offerings. It also includes the creation of a memorable logo, tagline and a distinct look and feel that captures your unique selling proposition.

With the visual identity and messaging sorted, you need to communicate your brand promise clearly and consistently across all marketing channels to help bring the brand to life.

How a brand looks and what it communicates is critical. PDC Creative’s solutions play a vital part in communicating the benefits of a brand. They develop a unique visual identity that reflects the qualities of the brand to communicate powerful messages in the right way, at the right time, to the right people – to attract customers.