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A smart solution …

AllProcure combines the purchasing power of its members for good.

AllProcure is about building long term, mutually beneficial relationships and partners with suppliers who think like we do.  Our community partners have excellent track records in New Zealand’s legal industry.  An important benefit of our pre negotiated arrangements is having a dedicated AllProcure liaison person in each supplier.

We are driven to make it easier and cheaper for you to buy the products and services necessary to run a modern law firm.

We want to help your firm survive and thrive in the modern professional services environment.

AllProcure is independent and membership is easy, cost effective and without obligations.

We help you keep up with ever more rapidly changing business technologies.

We have sourced, tested, evaluated, negotiated and innovated so you don’t have to!

This ensures you save valuable time and effort.

This translates directly to a better bottom line for your firm and better supplier relationships.

As if these benefits aren’t enough, our group combines to be a force for good.  Join us to make an even bigger impact.

Every member, partner and milestone AllProcure achieves contributes to our giving programme, AllFund.  More information will be available on this shortly!

Lindsey Haagh

Lindsey Haagh

Founder & Managing Director

As the founder of AllProcure, I’m passionate about building long-term business relationships with others who work with integrity, honesty and energy. I love being a part of making a new business fly and always focus on fostering a great team culture.

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In 2006, I sold my previous businesses, an outdoor education centre and a diving & fishing retail business and took up a new challenge in the legal industry.  Fast forward 8 years and, having first hand experience of managing two new firms in two very different areas of law, I set up AllProcure in 2014 to help other New Zealand law firms do business better.

I’ve been lucky to have wonderful, giving mentors around me and I’m very happy to share ups and downs, lessons and experience.  Just as fish shoal to improve efficiencies, we save money, time and effort through combining resources as a group.  This means enhanced business performance and more time to spend on the important things. For me, that includes spending more time on and in the water – sailing, diving, fishing and paddle boarding!  The power of the collective also allows us to give back and be a force for good though our giving programme, AllFund.

We’re about firms doing well, future proofing our industry, fostering an exciting new generation of legal professionals and achieving great things as a legal community.  Some of the exciting events we get involved with are the annual Devil’s Own Golf Tournament, a prestigious and long standing tradition for golfing legal professionals.  We support LawFest, NZ’s annual legal technology showcase and we sponsor the Future Firm Forum each year.  Our partnership with ALPMA opens up a big education resource for law firm managers and their teams.

Our giving programme, AllFund, is an important benefit of AllProcure membership and allows our social conscience as a community to have a real impact.


  • Banking

  • Insurances

  • IT Services

  • Marketing

  • Transcription

  • E-discovery

  • Websites

  • Office Products

  • Telecommunications

  • Internet

  • Copiers

  • Video conferencing

  • Archiving

  • Printing

  • Beverages

  • Travel

  • Professional development

  • Precedent management

  • Lawyer Bots

  • Wills AI


We guarantee savings of up to 85%