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combined purchasing POWER FOR NZ LAW FIRMS...

Who are we?


Better relationships

Better business

Better communities…

AllProcure is a platform to achieve better business across the board in our legal industry

Contact us for a no obligation chat and we’ll demonstrate the benefits of doing business as a community for your firm.  As well as better buying, the combined power of our group means better relationships, better business and a better force for good.


We guarantee savings of up to 85%

Great results for everyone

In addition to saving you time and money we also offer better terms, top service and unique product packages leveraged on the buying power of multiple law firms.

“The membership cost model is fantastic.  We get our membership fees back – and then some – thanks to the discounts we get from AllProcure suppliers.  We can access these suppliers through AllProcure at bulk buying rates, for a far better cost than if we were to try to purchase services on our own.”

Garry Bell

Chief Executive, Preston Russell

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